Perth Garden Festival – 2016

Perth Garden Festival is held each year on the foreshore of the Swan River, its a beautiful location and the perfect place to have the show. The stalls range from big landscape displays through to small craft stalls selling knicks and knacks. The Bonsai Workshops and The Bonsai Society of WA teamed up to hold a stall together to spread the art of Bonsai with the rest of the gardening community. It was a great week, and we had plenty of interest, and was great to talk to some fellow plant lovers from around the state.



Beginners Course – April 2016

Last weekend we had our first beginners course for the year, and what a blast we had. The day was very informative and we had a great time creating some new bonsai, and learning the basics of bonsai. The course ran over the full day, with the morning dedicated to learning the basics, and the afternoon for creating a bonsai for each of the course participants to take home with them.



Tony Bebb Workshops and Demo’s

We were recently lucky enough to have Tony Bebb visit the Bonsai Society of WA for 3 days of workshops and demonstrations. The workshops were a huge success, with all spaces being filled and some amazing looking bonsai being worked on. Check out some of the photo’s below

P1050736 (2)

We also had Tony attend our Monday night meeting, which saw record number of members in attendance (68 in total!). Tony gave a great talk on technique as well as a in depth look at some of our member’s trees.




BSWA at the Japan Festival

Over the same weekend that we had Tony Bebb visit, we were also busy manning our stall at the Japan Festival in Perth. It was a hot day, but we met some amazing people and had an absolute blast! The stall generated a lot of interest, and those members who were helping were able to enjoy some very unique sights. Check out some pictures below


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